Usach Technologies, Inc. - Your Partner for Grinding Solutions


Usach provides automation, engineered, designed and built in house, from simple, single machine solutions to complex, multi-machine systems.  We offer single source responsibility - machine, software, automation and process.

Compact and rigid machine integrated servo driven part handling system designed to fit into a given work envelope

Usach OD grinder integrated with overall factory automation system including post-process gaging 

Machine integrated IP67 robot system with Usach engineered 7th axis gantry motion

Overhead gantry for loading and unloading of gears including part orientation and post-process gaging

Multiple machine overhead gantry robot system with part incoming and outgoing conveyors

Heavy duty, complex overhead gantry robot servicing machine, part orientation, part turnaround station, conveyor and part washing system

We are a certified Fanuc Robotics System Integrator


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