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Usach exhibited at Booth N-6936 where we displayed our
new Usach 100 and Usach 200-T4 with enhanced features

At this year's IMTS we will show our new, compact Usach 100 ID/OD grinder.  The machine will be equipped with two grinding spindles side by side allowing sequential ID and face grinding or ID and OD grinding.

Usach 100 machine configuration and options:

- Single spindle, belt driven or high frequency

- Two or three spindles side by side, either belt driven, high frequency or combination

- Multi-spindle turret

- Various workhead sizes for weights up to 180 lbs.

- Single point or rotary dresser

- In-process or post-process gaging

- Automation


We will also exhibit a Usach 200-T4 ID/OD grinder with expanded capabilities, including:

- Multi-spindle turret with 1 degree indexing capabilities

- Turret design allowing for large diameter OD wheel option (up to 20" wheel diameter)

- Heavy duty workhead for weights up to 1,600 lbs.

- Part diameters up to 39"

- Part lengths up to 40"

- Thread grinding, non-round grinding and curvic coupling grinding

The Usach 200-T4 ID/OD grinder can be further expanded with these options:

- XL version for part lengths up to 60"

- CNC "B" axis (workhead swivel)

- Additional "X" and "Z" axes for simultaneous ID and OD grinding

- Turret with two workheads allowing to load/unload while grinding

- Turret with integrated vertical ("Y") axis for slot or serration grinding

- CNC radius dresser for bearing applications

- Dresser turrets (allowing to switch between multiple dressers)

- Customer specific software development

The Usach 200-T4 ID/OD grinder is the largest and most flexible grinder in the market today.  Join companies such as:

- Babcock & Wilcox

- Bell Helicopter

- Caterpillar

- GE

- Hill Air Force Base

- Honeywell International

- Triumph Gear Systems

- Williams International

in using the Usach 200-T4 ID/OD grinder to grind your parts or let us help you solve your grinding needs.