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Recontrols & Rebuilds

In addition to manufacturing our own Usach grinding machines, we have extensive knowledge of Hauser, Tripet and Tschudin (HTT) grinders from our 18 years as a prior North American representative of these product lines and can offer recontrols and mechanical upgrades for these machines.

By retrofitting these older machines with current technology, we can extend the life of your existing equipment. 

We can also recontrol older Kellenberger grinding machines equipped with the Kelco 70 or other controls.

Remanufacture and Recontrol of Tripet TST 300


Remanufacture and Recontrol of Tschudin HTG-52




Recontrol of Hauser S3


Remanufacture and Recontrol of Hauser S50



Remanufacture of Tschudin HTG-420



Recontrol of Studer Model S50-4



Recontrol of Kellenberger UR125x1000


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