Leading the SiC Industry: The USACH BoulePro-200AX Sets the Standard

As the demand for Silicon Carbide (SiC) continues its meteoric rise, SiC manufacturers are challenged to optimize their production processes to meet this growing need. Enter the USACH BoulePro-200AX, the industry-standard solution revolutionizing SiC boule fabrication. In this updated article, we explore how the BoulePro-200AX addresses the evolving demands of the SiC industry.

Meeting the Demands of a Growing Market:

With SiC usage expanding across various applications, manufacturers seek solutions to enhance their production facilities. The BoulePro-200AX sets a new benchmark for efficiency and quality, offering SiC producers a comprehensive tool to optimize their operations and reduce their production cost.

Commercial Traction and Facility Upgrades:

Meeting Surging Demand: In response to the widespread adoption of the BoulePro-200AX, USACH has upgraded its facilities in Elgin, Illinois, to meet the increasing demand. These enhancements include an additional production line, dedicated BoulePro demo/testing show room, conference room and customer café.

These upgrades underscore our commitment to serving SiC manufacturers with cutting-edge technology and efficient order fulfillment.

Process Methodology:

Hardinge’s BoulePro 200AX, with its manufacturing capabilities, checks all the boxes for an improved process flow. As a fully automated, self-contained machine tool, the BoulePro processes as grown SiC boules to wafer-ready pucks with no gluing/fixturing, external material setup or manual intervention needed.

With its single step, dual plane compensation (SSDC) capability enabled by the integrated X-ray diffraction (XRD) tool, the BoulePro carries out all the steps of the boule-to-puck conversion process in a dramatically shortened period.

The BoulePro-200AX employs a unique approach to process as-grown SiC boules, incorporating multiple workheads and advanced gripping techniques for precise machining. This methodology ensures consistent results, irrespective of boule geometry or growth conditions.

Key Advantages of the BoulePro-200AX:

This groundbreaking machine offers streamlined automation, enhanced process repeatability, significant labor cost reductions, reduced manufacturing footprint, comprehensive cost savings, and unparalleled accuracy, making it indispensable for SiC manufacturers.

The BoulePro-200AX is a game-changer for SiC manufacturers, offering the following key advantages:

  1. Streamlined Automation: This innovative machine tool accomplishes all the necessary steps in the boule to puck conversion process within a fully automated framework, completing the process in just one to three hours depending on as-grown boule geometry.
  2. Enhanced Process Repeatability: The advanced degree of automation provided by the BoulePro-200AX ensures improved process repeatability, resulting in consistent and high-quality wafer-ready SiC pucks.
  3. Significant Labor Cost Reduction: SiC producers can benefit from an impressive 85% reduction in labor costs, making the production process not only more efficient but also cost-effective.
  4. Reduced Manufacturing Footprint: The BoulePro-200AX significantly reduces the manufacturing footprint by 80% as all steps of the boule to puck process are carried out in one machine, optimizing space utilization in SiC production facilities.
  5. Comprehensive Cost Reduction: In comparison to the industry’s current standard practices, the BoulePro-200AX offers a total cost reduction of nearly 80%, encompassing Capital Expenditure (CapEx), Operating Expenditure (OpEx), and consumables.
  6. Higher Level of Accuracy:  The way in which the boule is held throughout the process enabling its exact location to be known at all times combined with the integrated XRD allows for a crystal orientation correction and flat location that is up to 500 times more accurate than the current standard specification.  This allows for a more accurate wafer to be generated and lends to an improved epitaxial layer on the final wafer, which leads to a better performing device.

The Global Trend: USACH BoulePro-200AX as the Industry Standard:

Major SiC producers worldwide have embraced the BoulePro-200AX as their preferred solution for boule to puck conversion, cementing its status as the industry standard. Its efficiency, repeatability, and cost-effectiveness have positioned it as a symbol of innovation and progress within the SiC community.


Greg Knight, Hardinge CEO understands the benefits of the BoulePro-200AX from firsthand experience. He acknowledges the challenges that SiC producers face in post-growth boule fabrication. While SiC producers excel in crystal growth, optimizing the boule fabrication process often requires a deep-rooted background in machining, which they may lack. Hardinge, with its extensive expertise in grinding, turning, milling, and workholding spanning over a century, provides the ideal solution.

The USACH BoulePro-200AX is reshaping SiC boule fabrication, empowering manufacturers to meet the escalating demand for high-quality SiC products. With its unmatched capabilities and industry-wide acceptance, the BoulePro-200AX epitomizes USACH’s commitment to excellence and leadership in the SiC industry. As SiC’s significance continues to soar, the BoulePro-200AX remains at the forefront, driving innovation and guiding manufacturers towards a prosperous future.